I’m in the middle of my 8th to last shift. It’s been slow so far, and I haven’t had to do a case. These slow times where there’s no work to do are in some ways welcome and in some ways dreaded. They’re welcome because it means no patients are in need of fixing and we can get paid to do some other things we like to do (like read or work on a blog!). But it means the night is going to feel as long as a week because it’s so slow.

It’s now the last day of the year. A good time to look back at 2007 and think about the highs and the lows.

(Finally applying and) Getting accepted to seminary.
(Fixing up and) Selling my house (especially in this market).
Spending time with friends.

Using my tax return to replace my leaking water line and hot water heater.
Having three contracts on the house fall through.
Having to say goodbye (for now) to so many friends and family here in Georgia.

It seems hard to sum up a year in just one short list like that. The problem is that I don’t really remember it all that well. I wrote journals through much of the year, but now I lack the time to go back and read through them all and pick out the highlights. That list does just about sum up the year, however.


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