Happy New Year!

We’re almost an hour into 2008 and a couple of hours into my 7th to last shift at work. I picked up some extra shifts in an effort to save up some extra money for school. Hopefully it’ll help me pay for all my books for the first couple of semesters.

Tonight so far we’ve only done another laparoscopic appendectomy. It’s amazing how many of those we end up doing in the middle of the night. Because it’s a holiday night we don’t have much of the normal busy work to do. So I’m free to type and think for the rest of the night. And maybe read. We’ll see. I need to stay awake.

I thought I’d use the post tonight and think about what 2008 holds in store for me.

In January I’ll be packing up my Honda and moving to Louisville, KY to start my mDiv at Southern Seminary. I’ve been out of school for seven years and it’s going to be a little hard adjusting to the academic life again. Hopefully it won’t be too hard.

Classes will really get going in February and continue through May. In March I’ll probably start looking for a job. I’m not sure what kind of job I want to have while I’m in school or how many hours I’ll be able to work per week. I’ll have to see how school goes. In April I’ll have my 35th birthday.

School will end in late May. I’m not sure if I’m going to attend Summer term or not… so June and July are a bit up in the air. If I don’t take classes I’ll probably try to work alot. At some point I’ll try to come home and visit family and friends.

In August school will start back again. And that will run through early December. Then home for the holidays.

All that’s tentative, of course. I really don’t know what’s going to happen at all. I do hope it’s a little more interesting than that barebones framework. Hopefully I’ll make some new friends in Louisville. Hopefully I’ll get some exercise and take many more photos (probably the easiest resolution I’ll ever make) and get to paint some. I’ll read books and have conversations. I’ll worship God better. I’ll pray more. Maybe I’ll find some courage somewhere along the line. I’ll grow and serve and think and love. I hope it’s a great year.


Well, we had to have one alcohol related case to start off the year. So our shift ended with a guy who, while trying to open a bottle of wine with a knife, stabbed himself in the abdomen. He’s okay, though. He was too drunk to even remember what had happened.


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