It’s the day after my fifth to last shift. I switched my schedule around so that I could work with some friends. Saturday night is when most of them work all together. The weekend crew. We’re a different breed. And we’ve worked together so long that we’ve developed our own subculture. Our own slang. It’s almost like an episode of Cheers.

To Sven the Nordic Nurse,
      The Grasshopper (a.k.a. Osaka Johnson),
      FuFu Fubuku,
      O.G., and
      The Friendly Tech (a.k.a. an unpronounceable phlegm sound).

Here’s to the fun times and the inside jokes! I’ll never forget “Hello my friend!” or the water fight we had just outside the doctor’s lounge, crossword puzzles to pass the time and “Bipeds doing diagnostics”. Late night Stargate marathons, Five Crowns with “The McFly Paper”, and Chicken-foot. “Blinking”. Who could sum up so many hours? Thanks for the good times and the friendships and enduring the night shifts with me (and some of the crazies). I’ll always be “Monk” to you.


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