The third to last shift. Still the night shift, but with my weekday coworkers. I’m afraid that I had to say goodbye to several of them. It’s a little distressing, but I managed to get a few email addresses and snap a few photographs. I’ll try to stay in touch.

I’m not very good at saying goodbye. But, in this age of connectedness do we ever really have to say goodbye? Aren’t we always within a phone call or an email of getting in touch with those we know and care for? We can get the thoughts and opinions of anyone with minimal effort; call and hear a voice. How different this is from most of history, when going away really did mean a loss of contact for an extended period of time.

That said, however, neither phone calls, emails, or videomail (if it ever really arrives and becomes popular) are a real substitute for being together in person. It’s something that just cannot be bottled and streamed by technology. You can’t get the same thing from those media as you can from having dinner with a friend, or working side-by-side for eight or twelve hours; catching up over coffee; playing a board game or cards. It’s just different.

So I am going to miss my coworkers. It won’t be quite the same.

It makes me look forward to heaven, when all goodbyes will be over and fellowship will be pure and uninterupted.


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