Spring Lawnmower Brain

The second week of classes is over, and I think this one flowed a little more smoothly than the last. My calcified brain is starting to remember how to study again, but I still have a ways to go before all the neurons are firing in sequence.

It’s like trying to start the lawnmower for the first time in the Spring. It’s been sitting all winter and the gas has gone bad; the cord seems stuck in the case; and you wrench your back trying to get the engine to turn over. Maybe it does turn over a few times and bellows thick smoke from the exhaust. But then it dies and you repeat the process again. Prime. Pull. Don’t over prime or you’ll flood the engine. Pull. Eventually (if you’re lucky) it’ll start and you can get down to the business of lawn maintenance. If only you’d done a little better job of lawnmower maintenance you wouldn’t have to suffer every year. But once you do get it started, it usually works fine all Summer.

Okay. So that’s how my mind is right now. I think it might have been flooded last week with more information than is good for it.


I’m hoping my posts here won’t always be so lame. So far they have mostly been subjective and vague reports of what’s been going on in my life and how I’m adapting to school. Those kinds of posts are not unvaluable. I like being free to talk about my experience of life and what’s happening in the moment. But there’s only so much I can say about me. “I’m at school… and, um, I’m at school. Yeah.” I’m exaggerating, of course, but…

…my goal is to post something about something in the next week that doesn’t have anything to do with me. A book. (That would be novel.) An idea. An argument. An event. Something. Something that’s not me. A story. A joke. A review. Who knows. I need to branch out. Maybe once the crazy Spring lawnmower brain stops sputtering…


2 Responses to “Spring Lawnmower Brain”

  1. 1 awalkabout February 7, 2008 at 9:40 PM

    Not lame at all. I thought it was a very good metaphor. :) Here’s a site with some really good ideas about blogging. I’m new to it too! So welcome to the blogosphere!


  2. 2 glennal February 7, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out.

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