Beargrass Creek

I got out on Saturday for a walk along Beargrass Creek in Cherokee Park. It was a nice day, although a little cool. I was hoping to see a little Spring weather and surprise the trees and plants as they were waking up for the year. But everything was still naked brown. Spring comes late here it seems.

Just down the trail I was looking upstream and noticed a couple of ducks washing themselves in the shallow water near the bank of the creek. I swapped lenses on the camera and started clicking away. They really refused to cooperate with me though. Most of the time they had their heads under water or (somehow) tucked into their bodies. I had the polarizing filter on the lens, but I must’ve not been using it correctly, because every photo came out really dark. For all that, I got a couple of okay shots. Here’s one (I increased the saturation to make the blue stand out):


After that I went walking down the creek. It was really muddy from all the recent rains we’ve had. I took about 130 pictures, but most of them were not very good. That’s always frustrating. I’m just really thankful I didn’t have to pay to develop bad pictures. However, I was able to salvage some of them by cropping them into detail shots. So instead of reducing the size of the images for upload, I just grabbed a small piece of each one. Here’s one of my favorites:


Here’s one that actually came out as a whole picture (larger size; super-size):


Spring will probably arrive when I’m out of town on break.
That will be okay, I guess.


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