Fall Creek Falls State Park

On my Spring Break I took a short camping trip to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. It’s in the center of the Nashville-Knoxville-Chattanooga triangle.

I like to get out into the woods from time to time and get away from computers and books and the comforts of home. Not only does this allow me to reclaim some peaceful side of my brain, it also proves how out of shape I become sitting at a desk most of the day. Yikes. It’s really bad.

The general quiet of the woods is also a perfect place to think about life and meditate on my Bible and my walk with the Lord. I have a couple of stories I’ll share in the next few posts about some of these meditations. I hope they will be encouraging. They were for me.

Here’s a map of the trail:

Lower Loop Trail

I have a pre-hike post to make, and then the colored sections indicate the planned posts from the hike, yellow first and then moving counter-clockwise. Eventually, you’ll be able to see the whole trip from beginning to end in photos.


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