Photos: Fall Creek Falls

Well, I finally got there: the namesake of the park: Fall Creek Falls. The water was going much better then the first time I was there.

The trail from Piney Creek Falls was just as dull as the one that led to it and suffered from the same downed trees and general blahness. The overnight trail borders a road for a while and then crosses it twice before reaching a view of the falls that is off to the right of the main parking area. To see it from the main observation point I had to leave to trail to the left. All the pictures below are from that observation point. There is a trail that leads from this observation point down to the base of the falls. I was too tired at that moment to follow it on this trip. But, I hope you enjoy the pictures I did get…

A wide-angle view of the falls:
Fall Creek Falls

A little more narrow view:
Fall Creek Falls

Some detail shots:
Fall Creek Falls - Detail

Fall Creek Falls - Detail

Fall Creek Falls - Detail

See all my pictures from this trip.


2 Responses to “Photos: Fall Creek Falls”

  1. 1 greencatskills April 17, 2008 at 11:24 PM

    Fantastic photos! What a gorgeous waterfall this one is.
    Sean –

  2. 2 glennal April 18, 2008 at 7:46 AM

    Thanks. I wish I’d had time to walk to the base of it. I kind of wish I’d made time for it, but the backpack gets heavy after a while, you know.

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