Photos: Finishing Up

After the view of the falls, the overnight trail crosses Fall Creek over a wooden bridge. It’s cool looking down with the rushing water only feet below. A little disorienting. Rhododendrons grow along the banks and overhang the water. Here’s a picture looking straight down:
Looking Down

Afterwards, it’s another half mile or so to get back to the Nature Center. Just prior to that there’s another view of Cane Creek Falls from the opposite side of the basin. Here’s a small waterfall I could barely see before, Rockhouse Falls (125′):
Rockhouse Falls

And here’s a view of Cane Creek Falls again:
Cane Creek Falls

After that, another suspension bridge across Cane Creek, another mile of walking, and I was back at the van for the trip home. It’s always good to be going home after a trip to the woods. It makes you remember the comforts of home with a little more appreciation after being without them, even if it’s only for a night or two. So in honor of going home:

Aerial ViewYou can see an aerial view of the sites of the pictures on Flickr by clicking on the map link beneath each picture.

See all my pictures from this trip.


1 Response to “Photos: Finishing Up”

  1. 1 Frank Coleman April 18, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    Awesome views!
    Thanks for sharing.

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